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July 16, 2018
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We're Changing The Game

DexisChain is a platform that enhances the transparency of information on current and future value of real estate.

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Total ETH Contributed


51,566 ETH

What is DexisChain?

DexisChain is a one-for-all real estate investment platform, allowing the prediction markets to produce reliable sentiments and for users at all levels of experience and liquidity to invest in good real estate stocks.

Market Potential

The real estate market is growing year by year.

One of the factors for this is the increase in the demand for real estate in countries experiencing rapid economic growth. If we look at the REIT market that emerged to increase the inflow of funds into real estate, it now has a global market capitalization of approximately US $1.7 trillion.

The Technology

Real estate investment is a global marketplace. Using a blockchain allows investors and speculators to tap into a global pool of liquidity. Also because of the sensitive nature of betting on prediction markets, security is paramount. It must be impossible for the platform operator to interfere in bets before they are revealed.

Token Design

Token Sale

To democratize the real estate market, DexisChain will launch a token sale. In this token sale, supporters will be able to purchase DexisChain Protocol Token (DCPT) .

The more support in the token sale, as measured in funding, the faster we will be able to complete our milestones. 0.5 billion DCPT tokens have already been sold during a presale. Our remaining token sale specifications are as follows.

There will be a total of 1.5 billion DCPT tokens issued, with no inflation or further creation. The following table below shows the overall token distribution.

The maximum cap will be 52,475 ETH. The token sale itself will take place mid-Q3.

DexisChain is raising 52,475 ETH
1 ETH = 20,000 DCPT
US persons are excluded from the sale

Use of Token Sale Funds & Budgeting

DexisChain will use all collected funds to further the vision and open Japanese businesses to foreign investment. Below is a breakdown of the projected distribution of funds.

50% Development & Talent Recruiting

50% of funds will go towards creating the Platform. This means investing in top class technologists and auditing.

25% Marketing and Business

This portion of the budget will be invested in raising awareness with foreign customers and bringing them to the DexisChain platform. Additionally, we will tap this fund as unforeseen events and risks arise, using it to support DexisChain's expansion generally.

15% Compliance

We will use this part of the budget to arrange legal representation and licensing in worldwide jurisdictions.

Meet The DexisChain Team

Click each portrait to learn more

Tap each portrait to learn more

Nobuo Takaki


Shunta Oka

Project Manager & UI/UX Lead

Hayato Shimomae

Full Stack Engineer

Rie Igarashi

PR & Marketing Specialist


Ryo Hasegawa

Backend Engineer

Patrick Storchenegger

Legal Specialist

Daniel Riveong

Support & Token Holder Relations

Kevin Bloom

Real Estate Advisor

Strategic Partnerships

We partnered with Proof of Work to help disrupt real estate worldwide, starting with Japan.